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Cliona’s Foundation is a charitable organisation founded in 2007 to fill a great need: providing financial assistance to families in Ireland who have children undergoing long-term medical treatment for a life limiting illness Funds raised are used to pay for the “hidden” costs, including accommodation, food, petrol and other miscellaneous expenses incurred by families who must take sick children to hospitals or other medical facilities for frequent treatments. The ordeal of a child’s grave illness or injury tests families far beyond their endurance, taking an enormous toll financially, emotionally and physically. While Cliona’s Foundation cannot cure a child, we want to help them cope and soften their heart-breaking journey, by providing financial assistance to families, who have exhausted all other resources. Cliona’s Foundation believes that no family should have to face any added financial stress when they are already struggling to cope with the devastation and trauma of a child with a life limiting illness

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