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Our recovery programme is an abstinence based therapeutic community model of intervention; peer support, intensive and highly structured residential rehabilitation programme. We pride ourselves on offering a recovery programme uniquely designed to meet individual needs within a set structured day over Two Phases.A main theme throughout the recovery programme is relapse prevention because recognising triggers is essential to maintaining abstinence, health and well-being. Phase One —This is the main therapeutic intervention stage, and lasts up to 26 weeks. There is also the possibility of moving into our Aftercare Phase Two which is 12 weeks long. Phase Two — This is the Aftercare Phase and during this stage individuals acquire new skills such as understanding about ‘living well’, improved confidence and self-esteem, improved social skills, developed self-worth. With the correct tools provided and with the ability to manage personal responsibilities, mental health and wellbeing, the individual is set on their journey to full recovery and to establishing healthy relationships with family and friends. All clients that complete the programme will secure full-time employment, safe accommodation and move out into a positive social network that can support and sustain their recovery. We have delivered our recovery programme for over 42 years and have an extensive recovery community in Oxfordshire and beyond.

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Current projects

FUNDING NEEDS FAMILY LIAISON/SUPPORT WORKER £25,000 pa We would like to develop a family liaison post within The Ley Community, consulting with and interpreting the needs of residents and their family together with acting as a key point of contact whilst they are with us. The post will liaise with and support key workers to ensure the resident/family relationship develops positively as part of the Ley Community programme and will help promote the needs of families externally to commissioners, local authorities and other partner agencies. EATING AND EXERCISE FOR RECOVERY PROGRAMME £21,385 pa Those that we work with have often developed poor eating habits and enter the residential rehabilitation setting in a chronically malnourished, underweight and poor state of health. We would like to run a pilot project to test the outcomes of placing a higher emphasis on diet and exercise as an integral part of recovery. We plan to eliminate processed foods, added sugar and junk foods and to produce menus and meal plans which promote health and recovery from addiction as evidenced by the latest research. BURSARY FUND £12,500 We are raising funds to establish a Bursary which will subsidize 4 places per year for those in need of residential rehabilitation and who don’t qualify for state aid or who don’t have other financial help. We will use the fund to provide access to our drug detox, therapeutic and recovery programme to help beneficiaries get free of drugs and alcohol, get a job.

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