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Our ICC families provide long-term care for orphaned children within safe loving Christian family homes. We are saving lives in sixteen countries! From the beginning, we resolved that this should not be a typical orphanage, but a unique program designed to consider the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical needs of the child. In other words, we would not simply provide food and a roof, but provide “homes” and families, in an atmosphere that would bring love and security to these children. We establish childcare facilities as circumstances permit in any country where there is a need and an opportunity to serve. Other countries are calling for ICC to start a childcare program. As our base of support increases, we will expand to help more and more children.

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Current projects

Democratic Republic of Congo ​ ​This project is ICC’s largest in terms of numbers of children. The needs are great in this country. As funds allow, ICC will continue to develop this children’s village so that even more orphaned and abandoned children can experience the joy of being a part of the ICC family.

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