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Hi everyone, first I would like to express that this is not a Charity donation project. I am signing up today to support all Low Income families. Me and my boyfriend both ages 18 years have both grown up from very humble beginnings, growing up we saw the luxuries all our friends had but our family had to limit ourselves to keep a roof over our head and food on the table, life was good but we both experienced very similar situations.. we had to grow up fast and care for ourselves. At the age of 15 my boyfriend was told by his parents that he would have to leave home at 16 or pay to live in their home, he got to age 17 and wasn't living at his parents house anymore.. He was, what we call 'sofa-surfing' which means living on different peoples sofas everyday and he was also struggling to eat most days. He had no GSCE'S so it was hard to find a job, he grew up seeing everyone in his family living and not working and what you see when you're young is what you think is 'normal' so you turn out the same. A year later we started 'buying and selling' many products such as Jewellery/Watches, Trainers/Clothing. We have a mind of entrepreneurs but don't have the money to start a LEGIT business, we both work in many ways to earn money and save or make more money from the money we earn. Today I am signing up to see if people would donate so we can start our dream of opening our own branded clothing store we need a minimum of £5000. We understand there are more important causes to donate to.

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