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We present Granite city Adventures and Folk Tales! Taking you on a journey into Aberdeen's past through theatre, storytelling and historic venues! The group’s objectives are: To advance Local History, Arts & Culture in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire and in furtherance of this by; a) Providing theatrical experiences for the general public which entertain, educate and deepen their understanding of the history and culture of the city and shire, particularly forgotten and lesser-known elements. b) Developing brand new drama in our local Doric dialect, illustrating elements of local history c) Engaging school-age children in local history via drama and storytelling d) Developing/managing events that aid Aberdeen City Council’s aim to establish a cohesive cultural sector by collaborating with other creative individuals and organisations e) Promoting Aberdeen’s historic and cultural identity to the wider world through our work f) Any other activities that will further these aims

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Current projects

GrAFT presents GrAFT! Granite city Adventures and Folk Tales - a two-part theatrical event for Xmas featuring a brand new work from local playwright George Milne, and GrAFT's own brand of "history on your doorstep" as we take you on a whistlestop tour of our city's history and introduce characters from our past

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