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GENCAD INTERNATIONAL is registered as a charity and a company limited by guarantee in the UK and as an International NGO in Kenya. GENCAD’s principal directors and staff are or have been residents of Northern Kenya, giving the organization a level of expertise and in-depth local experience that is uncommon in regional or international NGO’s. Our values are; We believe that all children have the right to education to enable them achieve their potential and overcome the vicious cycle of poverty. We believe that communities in Northern Kenya can overcome poverty with external support We believe that systematically tackling the political, social and economic marginalization of communities in this region is the key to addressing the scourge of poverty. We believe in empowering the local communities so that they can demand better services from their County Governments. We believe in supporting the local community’s conflict resolution mechanisms. In line with our stated values and aspirations, our strategic aims can be summarised as below; Relieve financial hardship, Preserve and protect the health of communities in the area of benefit Advance education of communities in the area of benefit political and economic empowerment of communities in Northern Kenya (our area of operations) Develop a strong network of migrant communities from the Horn of Africa in the UK

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Current projects

Summary About 1 in 10 girls completing primary schools in Mandera County achieve required minimum marks to join secondary schools due to inadequate teachers and teaching resources, overcrowded classrooms, lack of facilities at home for self-study and parental illiteracy.This project aims to bridge educational gaps for 100 orphaned primary school girls in Mandera County by providing them supplementary literacy and numeracy classes, sanitary pads and solar lanterns to improve their home-study environment. What is the issue, problem, or challenge? Mandera County is a remote arid region 1136km from the Kenyan capital, Nairobi.9 out of 10 people in the county live below the poverty line. Although the number of girls in primary school has increased, still 6 out of 10 girls in Mandera are out of school. Orphaned girls from poor families are most affected. Girls as young as 12 years old work to contribute to family income, forcing them to drop out of school. Others take on caring roles to assist their mothers.This impacts on their performance. How will this project solve this problem? The project will run an after-school remedial lessons in Maths and English, provide essential personal hygiene products such as sanitary pads, uniform, solar lantern for use at home to reduce financial burden on the girls' families and mentoring to build their confidence.The project will work closely with the schools to monitor regularly the girls' progress at school. We appreciate your support

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