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If the universe is infinitely supported by the theory of relativity in what he expend?In a bounded space or in a infinite space?What is infinite space or univers?Albert Einstein argued in a scientific paper published in 1935 that "spooky action at a distance," as he called it, must be wrong and the particles should still have properties.Undiscovered for such a counter-intuitive behavior to be explained. According to quantum mechanics, particles do not acquire formal properties until they are measured or observed in a certain way. Until then, they may exist simultaneously in one or more places at a time. Once measured, they are still in a more classical reality, existing in one place.To prove this effect, two diamonds containing small electron traps with a magnetic property called "spin" have been used and all the "tangled" pairs have been measured at a distance of over 1.3 km separating two laboratories. Microwave pulses and laser energy were then used to connect and measure electron spin.The new study has removed some alternative explanations, known as loopholes, from previous tests that have cast doubt on the existence of this tether bound by quantum physics. That's why I want to recreate the experiment but in a vacuum atmosphere close to the values of the universe in a special laboratory Demonstrating this theory would fundamentally change the understanding of the universe

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The distance - measured by detectors located in opposite corners of the laboratory - ensured that no exchange of information was made between the two electrons by confidential means within the time required to perform the measurements.

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