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Caroline's Rainbow Foundation is a registered UK charity, working to raise awareness of the importance of safe travel to young people, whether they are going abroad for independent travel, gap year placements, organised tours or simply thinking about visiting a different country. Aimed at young travellers, CRF works with the education sector, the Foreign Office and other organisations, trusts and charities to provide easily accessible and helpful information about safe travel. In particular, the charity provides information about personal safety abroad and encourages young people to recognise and prioritise life’s values wherever they may be in the world.

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Current projects

Safer Travel App Free to download the Safer Travel App is an easily accessible source of essential information about travel destinations around the globe, packed with specific information about tourist and backpacker destinations, providing travel safety tips as well as suggesting must-see highlights and attractions. The Safer Travel App offers specific travel and safety information for destinations around the globe, including travel safety tips, information about the country or city, highlights and attractions, useful and emergency phone numbers, helpful website links that travellers might need, local and annual events in the area, places to go and avoid, season to travel, interactive maps, current population, ethnic groups and languages spoken, local news, political situation and currency exchange rates. The App holds comprehensive information for over 300 destinations, our aim is to cover information for the world's most popular travel destinations. Over the following years we will expand the App to cover favoured business destinations and trending backpacking routes. Ultimately, we are working to cover every travel destination on the planet!

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