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Avant is a production company and Theatre School based in The Rhondda Valleys. We create opportunities for participation in an area of deprivation. We produce relavant work, for example killer cells that tackles the subject of recurrent miscarriage. We take our work out of the valleys to champion what valley artists are creating and to raise the profile of the work we create for the next generation. We perform in the valleys theatres creating opportunity for our students to take part in professional shows, such as the Twits for Roald Dahl 100.

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Current projects

Killer Cells, going to Edinburgh Festival and returning to The Park and Dare theatre, RCT. Killer Zcells is the story of Optimism and Resiliense, tsckling the subject of recurrent miscarriage and the causes. The multi media play follows five women and thier struggle to get answers and the effects the recurrent miscarriages have on thier relstionships and mental health. Killer Cells aims to link with theatres around Britain and internationally. We want to reach trainee midwives and doctors to discuss this important topic. Killer Cells is an autobiographical play, the journey of one of our cast members who has had 11 miscarriages. Each show will end with an opportunity for discussion. Already Killer Cells has brought recurrent miscarriage sufferers together. Let's lift the taboo and speak out to support these families.

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