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The charity aim to raise £15,000 to build a music studio, video studio and outdoor stage area in order for the youth of Gambia to be able to perform music concerts, theatre productions and also beauty pageants. This is an ongoing project and all profits raised throughout the duration of this pageant will go towards supporting children living in conditions most of us in the UK can't imagine. Gambia suffers from extreme poverty and many villages still don't have water and electricity. The options for employment are limited due to tourism being the main source of income and this only applies six months out of the year. Many young people turn to prostitution as a means to survive the months where there is no tourism. A project like this will inspire hope in youngsters, offering them a chance to create online media such as music and video and also to do live performances allowing them to generate revenue and create a new type of career opportunity as well as boosting confidence, self worth and moral. We are running a number of events including a beauty pageant, endurance race and African themed party night to raise money between now and November. Your support is appreciated as are your donations.

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Current projects

Its £30 to enter this amazing 5k obstacle course taking place on the 17th of September at Wollaton Hall! I am looking for a team of people to do it with me to raise funds for my charity in Gambia. The fund raising target is £200 per person so not massive!! The money raised will be used to partially to ship the container of clothes, shoes, electrical items, furniture, car parts etc. that I will have been collecting throughout the year, which will then be sold to raise additional funds for the project and any surplus funding will be used to start the building work on the new music studio and stage area. Enter by signing up here! Reduced price for those entering before June! http://begung-ho.co.uk/events/gung-ho-nottingham-17-september-2016/ We are also looking for pageant contestants for the Miss Aspirations Beauty Pageant: The age categories are as follows: *Little Miss Aspiration - Age 8 - 12 *Miss Teen Aspiration - Age 13 -17 *Miss Aspiration - Age 18 - 29 *Ms and Mrs Aspiration - Age 30+ To enter the first round which is an online photograph round, you must provide one head shot, one full length shot and one shot which shows off your personality, so three in total. To be considered please send your photographs along with name, county you wish to represent, age and contact number to fayestevenson25@live.co.uk along with an application fee payment of £10 to the same address at PayPal https://www.facebook.com/Miss-Aspirations-Beauty-Pageant-140646469667525/?fref=ts

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