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GAIA FIRST is a non-profit NGO based in Paris, which focuses on tackling environmental issues resulting from human impact worldwide. We are registered in Paris under the act 1901, as a not-for-profit association acting for the general good. National registration n. W751256695. The main mission of the association is to restore the wild and uncontaminated state of our planet through concrete actions aimed at cleaning up and rebuilding this balance broken by human negligence and senseless industrial exploitation. To do this we 2 different approaches: INFORMING through our communications via our Instagram account and documentaries ACTING through our Worldwide Local Clean-up Actions as well as our Boat Clean-up Project aimed at eliminating the garbage patches in the oceans as well as cleaning up highly polluted coastal areas and oil leaks.

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Current projects

Our first project is the creation of a boat capable of collecting and transforming into green energy the plastic (and other garbage) present along the most polluted coasts (India, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia...) and in the great spaces of the oceans, such as the different plastic continents. Every year 8 million tonnes of garbage are directly or indirectly dumped into the World’s Oceans; this is one truck full of garbage every minute. This is due to the lack of efficient treating infrastructures, carelessness of people and the overwhelming presence of plastic products (especially single use), resulting in large polluted areas all over the world. Not only does this has a direct impact on marine life, but the whole food chain is altered, bringing microplastic all the way down to our plates and affecting climate as the plankton in these areas is unable to properly fix CO2 present in the air, aggravating our climate crisis. The end result is what we are seeing today: presence of toxic microplastic in our food, decrease of marine life, drastic climate change, uprising of deadly diseases. If we do not act now, this is just the beginning! GAIA FIRST will build a boat capable of collecting and converting the collected garbage into green energy. The boat will be able to collect and convert 25 tonnes of material every day and since the energy produced will aliment the boat itself, this process can go on non-stop 24/7! Please help us finance this, we have very little time left.

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