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The European House: Our purpose is to advocate inclusion through social, cultural and other work at national and international level, acting for the equal rights and opportunities for disadvantaged groups in their respective societies - so that they have the opportunity to achieve an active quality of life as an alternative to placement in institutions. Whatever it is about inclusion of Roma children in schools in Bulgaria, development of institutions for disabled people in Romania, reform of psychiatry in Albania, support for the professional qualification of social workers in Russia or Kyrgyzstan, cooperation on education lift in social and educational faculties education between Russian and EU universities, and many other exciting activities that connect human rights to practical and real opportunities for everyone - then DEH is happy to take part. DEH an extra effort to translate the UN SDG into practical action. In the coming years, the SDGs will become increasingly prominent in the social debate on creating a sustainable future. But the discussion is often very abstract. Therefore, TEH will initiate a course in which we involve the all groups in a for them relevant concretisation. Sustainability is increasingly limited to the environment and partly to the economy. But social sustainability somehow slipped out of the equation. TEH to advocate for the SDGs and sustainability in general and to focus on social sustainability in particular.

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Current projects

Social farming as a tool for inclusion of children and youth with disabilities - Moldova Education is a key to offer a promising future for the children; therefore, this project targets children with disabilities in Moldova, who are one of the most vulnerable groups, often being excluded from different areas of social life, including educational system. The main aim of this project is to develop a framework for Social Farming in Moldova and to promote eco-social-inclusion. Social Farming combines two different aspects - the agriculture and the social, therefore it a great way to provide meaningful activities for children with disabilities and their families, using innovative and inclusive learning methods, that consists of interaction with nature, plants and environment around them. Also it is a way to bring more knowledge about sustainable lifestyle: focusing on sustainable food production and consumption practices that are better for both climate and human well-being. Overall, this intervention consists of two parts: the creation of a common framework for social farming in Moldova together with partners, local actors and stakeholders, and the pilot project by hosting workshops for children with disabilities in the eco-farm. is not responsible for the content posted by the nonprofits present on site.