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The NGO German Alliance for Civilian Assistance e.V. helps Syrian war refugee children and their families in Western Turkey. German Alliance was created in September 2015 to provide humanitarian help at hot-spots along the Balkan route. Our main activities have focused on providing refugees with food, clothing and medication. In February 2016, the German Alliance relocated its operations to Torbali, near Izmir in Turkey, where around 1200 Syrian refugees had gathered and were living in very poor living conditions. We could improve these conditions significantly and to such a degree that the refugees no longer want to move to the West.

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Current projects

Based on our intensive experience, we have developed a practical, implementable and affordable solution to support the ongoing efforts of the EU and Turkey: Rebuild the Future Now (RFN) offers refugees the possibility to take their future into their own hands, to get a job and start rebuilding Syria. Together with the company Asia Prefabrik German Alliance wants to build the first RFN Village in Turkey, where refugees and their families can live, work and children can go to school. The project provides the refugee communities with residential houses in lightweight construction for up to 1000 refugees with a complete infrastructure. Additionally there will be two factories, where refugees receive TUV approved trainings and produce parts for prefabricated houses to rebuild Syria. Children will be able to attend Kindergarten and then later primary school, while for adults there will be an integration program. Gender justice and self-determination for all women and girls will be nurtured. We comply with the UN Sustainable Development Goals in building and running the RFN Villages. The concept creates the basis for a win-win situation for refugees, the EU and Turkey.

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