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CiFAR’s mission is to act as the voice for civil society worldwide on public stolen assets, to support civil society across the globe to be a strong and effective actor on stolen assets and to close the gap missing in global civil society asset recovery work. We provide civil society with skills, knowledge and network to advocate, inform, campaign and investigate cases where public and private officials are complicit in the illicit removal of public goods to private accounts and private ownership across country borders. We also ensure that civil society can be an active voice in ensuring the return and monitoring the use of confiscated stolen assets. We campaign against individuals and the structures that enable asset theft, we support cross-border civil society cooperation on asset recovery and we develop the expertise of civil society to be strong voices across the globe on asset theft.

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Current projects

Through an assessment, network building and training programme, we aim to support civil society organisations, particularly from countries engaged in current cases, to carry out their work more effectively and more cooperatively. In the winter of 2016/2017 we plan to hold the first global forum of civil society organisations working on asset theft and recovery, bringing together CSOs to explore current issues, share information and discuss current cases. In summer 2017 we plan to hold the first summer school focused on global asset theft and recovery. Bringing together students and young professionals, this will be an exciting opportunity to learn, exchange and plan action.

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