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FASO–LIFE Affected by poverty, misery, and the number of children who do not have access to education in Burkina Faso, compassionate people guided in faith have decided to take action - To raise funds for projects that will improve the quality of life of the people of Burkina Faso. Education, Water and Health - FASO LIFE - is What We Fight for Every Child in Burkina Faso. Our humanitarian principles are inspired by a Christian ethic and volunteerism. We do not discriminate against any religion, nationality, race, gender, or political stances. Love of thy neighbor and compassion for the needy, are the driving force behind our actions. FASO LIFE, Inc. is a non-profit charity association of volunteers guided in faith, that helps people of Burkina Faso. A Switzerland corporation established in 2010, with offices in USA and Burkina Faso. We are a small group of volunteers, with NO large corporate offices and expenses. So, all of your targeted donations go towards the full support of our fundraisers for the children and people in Burkina Faso.

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Current projects

EDUCATION is an essential part of a child in order to succeed in a daily life. Children in Burkina Faso have very limited access to education. Most schools are private and require tuition payments, while few public schools that do exist are in the cities that have as many as 150 children in a classroom. Therefore, many children and especially orphans and girls in small villages have no access to education. In 2016, we built a school for the children in Tamssin, Burkina Faso. Unfortunately, the school is too small to accommodate all of the children and many are turned away daily. Now, we are raising funds to build an addition to the school to serve 100 children +. Please help us !

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