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Australians for Animals NSW is a long standing wildlife organisation focused on protecting koalas. Koalas in New South Wales and Queensland are facing politically driven extinction as wholesale land clearing, mines, developers, housing estates, highways, vehicle strikes, dog attacks and sick forests ensure these beautiful creatures are struggling to survive. Climate change is having a disastrous impact as heat waves and drought mean that eucalyptus leaves on which koalas feed and depend for moisture are bone dry. Some koalas living near urban areas are found in swimming pools, or venturing to houses in a desperate search for water. More than 2 million h.a of remaining habitat is marked for clearance in NSW. Queensland government is euthanising hundreds of koalas with chlamydia - a disease which can be cured. The situation is quite desperate.

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Current projects

AFA is working with a team of lawyers and scientists to find a legal way to force governments to protect habitat as a matter of urgency. We are lobbying governments, undertaking a massive research project which will establish the current status of threats and the impacts of climate change. There's a really urgent need for sanctuaries and refugia. Mainstream media in Australia continues to ignore the plight of the koalas in spite of the fact that their populations have declined by more than 50-75% in some areas. Governments are representing resources industry, developers, foreign owners and Australia's unique wildlife is disappearing under the assault.

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