Payment Minimum Balance

Payment of donations requires a minimum balance in raised funds per currency as detailed in the following table:

Currency Minimum balance
AUD $ 15
BRL $ 40
CAD $ 15
CHF Fr. 10
CNY ¥ 100
DKK kr. 100
EUR 10
GBP £ 10
HKD $ 100
Currency Minimum balance
JPY ¥ 1500
MXN $ 200
NOK kr 100
NZD $ 15
PLN 50
RUB ք 1000
SEK kr. 100
TRY tl 300
USD $ 10
ZAR R 150

Please note that payments made in EUR to bank accounts located in European countries will be made through the SEPA system. In order to carry out payment, the bank account must be active and valid in the same country in which the Cause is legally registered. Payments in EUR to bank accounts located in countries outside of the Euro zone, as well as all payments in any currency other than EUR, will be made using Paypal.