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To get the most out of this valuable fundraising tool, you have to let your supporters know it exists. The Promo Kit in your account can help you get the word out through social media and your other communication channels.

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The Promo Kit offers message templates, social media tools, and other ways to make outreach easier. Let us know if you need anything more--we love special requests!

Spread the word

The key to success is regular outreach through multiple channels. Take advantage of key shopping seasons to remind supporters to make their purchases count.

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Here at Helpfreely, we believe that it should be simple to help out, and by harnessing new technologies, we make that possible. We use tools like the internet and mobile devices to empower others to help out, removing constraints like time, money, or inspiration. There are more than 500 million digital consumers in the world, and with even just a small percentage taking part in our project, the positive impact would be tremendous.

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There are many advantages to joining Helpfreely. First of all, it's a powerful and totally compatible addition to more traditional donation methods. It also allows your supporters to help your organization without having to take extra money out of their own pockets. And once you get supporters on board, they'll raise free donations for your cause over and over, without additional effort needed from your nonprofit's team. And finally, it's a great way to connect with countless potential supporters who may have always wanted to contribute but haven't been able to because of time, money, or other obstacles.

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All nonprofits, from grassroots initiatives to the major players, are welcome at! We only ask that your organization be legally established in your country and that you register with so we can get the details that are necessary for distributing user donations.

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There's no better way to see how Helpfreely works than by signing up today and trying it out firsthand. Registering your organization is free, super simple, and you can start raising funds today! You’ll have access to tons of great tools designed to enhance your experience and help maximize the funds you raise to keep your organization’s worthwhile endeavors going strong!

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