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Women In Need Safehaven, Inc

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Our purpose is to combat poverty and homelessness by providing families with their essential needs and the supportive services to transition into permanent self-sufficiency. We believe that we should give women and children hope and visions for a better future by showing the love of Jesus Christ. Currently, we offer help with applying for public assistance, food pantry, transportation assistance (bus passes and prepaid gas cards), personal care items, resume writing assistance, and notary services.

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Currently, we are trying to raise funds to either rent, lease, or purchase a building to house families that are in need of emergency shelter. In addition, we would like to offer transitional housing for these families. We want our clients to feel a sense of care, security, and self-respect. We are empowering our clients to believe in themselves and their ability to overcome obstacles. Our obstacles are temporary. We live in a society that care about the poor and their needs. We have various projects that we are working on, but our main focus is to get families off the street.

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