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Wings of Love, Inc. is an American 501c3 nonprofit corporation which promotes and develop economic and educational programs, projects and campaigns which help to improve the life of small communities, impoverished regions or all those social groups that have no enough financial or technological resources to overcome the Globalization wealth gap. Our mission is to help on creating a virtuous circle of social responsibility, wealth, wellness, wisdom and freedom for everybody in the world.

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One of our Young Entrepreneurs under 21 years old had an idea: He wants to manage a Community Kitchen in Los Angeles, California, for disadvantaged people. Meanwhile we reach the financial goal to do this with our donors help, the Wings of Love, Inc. team started a nonprofit campaign to raise funds for distributing warm meals during the winter for homeless people in LA. Our first event for #ThanksgivingDay2019 was successful, but we're still looking forward the development of a Community Kitchen that would feed disadvantaged people, but it also would create jobs for unemployed people in the area. Help us to help!!

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