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The mission of WCOM community radio is facilitating the exchange of ideas and music with particular regard for those who are overlooked or under-represented by other media outlets. Through WCOM the Public Gallery of Carrboro provides participatory, volunteer-produced, community radio to southern Orange County. WCOM provides opportunities for any community member with a viable idea to become a radio broadcaster. It offers training, chances to gain experience, and the means become audio creators. WCOM directly addresses the limited local opportunities for community voices to be heard for all demographic groups. WCOM began full-time broadcasting in November 2004 from an old bank building, subsequently acquired by CVS/REVCO, in Carrboro with its transmitter, as now, at Scroggs. The Carrboro BOA named November 6, 2014 "Community Radio Day" in Carrboro to recognize WCOM's tenth anniversary. WCOM offers programming training to any citizen who desires it and broadcasting opportunities to those who complete training and have an acceptable program concept. Forty-three (63%) of our volunteer program producers live in Carrboro or Chapel Hill; 53 (73%) in Orange County. Their ages range from 16 to 86. WCOM provides more Spanish language radio than any Orange County station. WCOM currently offers seven programs created by local African-Americans. We air one of the few female-created sports talk shows.

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