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Founded in 2004, Waggytail Rescue is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that has rescued over 5000 abandoned dogs and even a few cats and kittens! Through the tireless work of our many volunteers and amazing fosters, we are committed to continuing to find forever homes for New York's (and now LA's) homeless dogs. Waggytail Rescue does not have a physical shelter location, instead we rely on the tireless, loving work of our fosters who care for our animals in their own home. Taking a scared and confused animal out of the shelter system and into a loving, private home gives them the opportunity to relax, recover and become the best version of themselves before adoption. Fostering dogs that do not respond well to being in a shelter greatly increases their chance of adoption and avoids unnecessary euthanization. Foster homes are the MOST ESSENTIAL part of what we do! If you are interested in volunteering your time, energy and patience as a foster parent, you can help put a dog on the path towards a long and happy life in their forever home.

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Geoffrey was rescued from the medical wing of an overcrowded shelter in Los Angeles. His sweet face and obvious fear melted our hearts, so we scooped him up and flew him to NYC for adoption! Geoffrey tries his hardest to follow his foster mom around and is super happy trotting along with his strange little walk, but our vet recommends that he get surgery as soon as possible to fix his knees, teeth and, ahem... testicles! Geoffrey has luxating patella (kneecap dislocation) in both of his back legs and needs specialist surgery (est $2000 per leg) to fix them! He has also suffered a lifetime of neglect and urgently needs a dental with tooth extractions, treatment for a severe skin yeast infection and the all important neuter surgery he should have gotten years ago. Geoffrey also has a condition called paraphimosis which causes his penis to protrude, and though it's a bit funny looking right now it isn't a problem that needs an immediate fix. Geoffrey loves everyone he meets unconditionally and appreciates every little kindness he is shown. We have already started Geoffrey's treatment plan and are dedicated to getting this deserving shelter survivor all the care he needs.

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