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Uttermost Sports

Uttermost Sports, Inc.

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Uttermost Sports is a sports-business missions platform that works with churches and missions organizations to send followers of Jesus to represent Him in restricted-access locations. We do this by facilitating short-term and long-term opportunities for coaches, athletes, and a variety of people with a background in sports to live and work among unreached people groups in areas of the world that are resistant or hostile to traditional missionary efforts. Sport is a universal 'language' spoken by every people group on the face of the earth! Sport powerfully brings nations together and crosses cultural, social, religious, and economic lines -- like nothing else can. It is often a "first step" activity to establishing relationships in an area where little or no Christian work exists, providing a platform to speak truth into people's lives.

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For security purposes, we cannot publish the details of our work on the internet. However, we can say that we have ongoing work in more than 20 countries, all of which are listed on the World's Watch List for countries subjecting Christians to the most severe persecution.

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