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Ugandan American Nakuwadde Mission Project, Inc.

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Our founder, Elizabeth Nabateesa Nabeta, was born and raised in Uganda. When her young husband was brutally murdered, an anonymous Samaritan covered his lifeless body. Elizabeth never forgot that act of kindness. When an opportunity came to leave the country in the 1980s, she immigrated to the US with her toddler and silently vowed never to return to Uganda. She would, in fact, return to Uganda in 1996 to conduct research on the impact of HIV/AIDS as part of her graduate degree at the Dept. of Community Studies at Makerere Univ. in Kampala, Uganda. She observed and visited HIV/AIDS projects, conducting interviews with the elderly, young adults, adolescents, men, and women regarding their perception about HIV/AIDS. During this time she witnessed poverty and desperation in each person she interacted with. Without a doubt in her mind, she understood their pain. Elizabeth's belief is that, given an opportunity, people can help themselves and change their conditions, become self-sufficient, productive members of their communities. In 2002, UANMP was founded by Elizabeth to address the issues of poverty, health and education by building a multi-purpose community center with a joint collaboration with the people from the village.

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Our project is a collaboration with the residents of Nakuwadde Village to fund, build and operate a multi-functional Community Center and to deliver critical educational, health, economic, and social services as guided by the community members. The facility will consist of a school (K-7), a library, a community center, a community health center, offices, and a chapel. We have been working with the people of Nakuwadde to improve and empower the health, education, and economic status of the residents. Many people in the village are underserved, marginalized and voiceless. We are especially committed to supporting orphans, youth, women, and those who are affected by HIV/AIDS. The Ugandan American Nakuwadde Mission Project is committed to partnership and joint decision-making with the Nakuwadde village residents. A local council has been formed to provide village residents with a mechanism for sharing their needs and concerns. We envision that the marginalized and voiceless residents of Nakuwadde have a safe, non-judgmental place that will positively encourage improvements in all areas of village life. The Community Center will be a place that will foster honest dialog, good listening, dignity, mutual respect and mutual support for one another.

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