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STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) have been identified to be the foundation of economic success in the 21st Century. Internationally US stand in middle of pack on STEM. Helping students prepare their careers in STEM is crucial to their futures as contributing, thriving, and empowered members of our society. TymeMachine is here to introduce advanced techniques early into the mind of the kids and lay the foundation of all latest and greatest technologies by focusing on STEM development. Suparba Panda, the founder of TymeMachine introduced her son to Scratch Programming at the age of 5. With little guidance he was able to construct the block programming with ease. It’s just not her son, she sees all other kids, who are equally talented and have the ability to create wonders. When she thought of the kids with this tremendous capability she felt they need a platform to nurture their creativity so they can work as a team to create something we haven’t thought about. Panda says “We have the responsibility to nurture creativity and talent of every kid. We want to make every kid a maker and innovator of the Technology and not just a user. We want to focus on the foundations of STEM to equip the kids with greater analytical, problem solving and critical thinking ability.” She wants to create a community of vibrant kids working together to create something meaningful, innovating on something that doesn’t exist today.

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TymeMachine is offering a Technology Camp this summer with workshops on Robotics, Game Design, 3D Modelling, Programming and Hacking. The kids get to make it, program it, and code their own games making sounds, animations, puzzles and all kinds of things none of us have thought of yet. The camp is running from June 5 to July 28. TymeMachine will also offer after school workshops by partnering with different schools and host year round Tech Workshops around St Louis area. There are many volunteering opportunities should you be interested in being part of this initiatives. Panda is also raising funds to provide the best platform for kids learning. To learn more, visit http://TymeMachine.org.

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