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The Seahorse Trust

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The Seahorse Trust | Helpfreely.org

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Founded in 1999, the Seahorse Trust aims to conserve and protect natural marine environments with a specific focus on maintaining the seahorse population. As a result of the pollution and loss of their habitats due to mankind in some coastal marine areas, Seahorses are unfortunately struggling to cope with the changes in their natural environments. We work in partnership with many other organisations and groups all over the world to deliver educational programs, conservation projects, and to advocating for more protected marine areas so that seahorses and other ocean life can thrive in their natural eco-systems. Shop now and help us to make sure that Seahorses have a brighter future in not only coastal areas around the UK but all over the world.

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The Seahorse Trust as a whole is our featured project because we feel all the work we do is vital to the future of seahorses and the natural environment. Please support all of our projects equally and work with us to make the protection of seahorses a priority.

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