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Melrose - FL

The Roland Senior Dog Rescue Gang

The Roland Senior Dog Rescue Gang

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The Roland Senior Dog Rescue Gang | Helpfreely.org

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My wife Gail and I started The Roland Senior Dog Rescue Gang after I left Animal Control as the Rescue / Adoption Coordinator. I saw a huge need for seniors that were dumped at the shelter. Seniors, if lucky are the last to get adopted. It is hard to see a senior that has lived their life in comfort to be abandoned in a cold, dirty and unfamiliar place. We have opened our home and hearts to help these souls. The Roland Senior Dog Rescue Gang Inc. is a registered 501 c3 Non Profit established to help senior dogs who have been abandoned in municipal shelters and seniors who's owners can no longer care for them due to their own health issues or age. We provide vet care, quality food and a loving environment for them to live out their lives. We promoted and find foster homes for seniors. We also promote education concerning the joys of having a senior dog and senior dog health issues.

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Laufende Projekte

We are in the process of building a large senior dog haven. We have cleared an acre of land and will begin fencing soon. We are raising money for a building to house and care for the larger seniors in our care. This will also enable us to rescue more large breed senior dogs in need.

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