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St Louis - MO

Tenth Life

Tenth Life Cat Rescue

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Tenth Life | Helpfreely.org

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Tenth Life's Mission: Giving cats the lives they deserve. Tenth Life provides veterinary care, foster homes, and adoptive placement to stray cats and kittens, prioritizing those with special needs. We work to end unnecessary euthanasia and cat homelessness through educational outreach, community programs, and collaborative partnerships. We believe that every cat, regardless of emotional or physical limitations, deserves the chance at a fulfilling and happy life. If a veterinarian determines that a cat is in a state of incurable suffering, Tenth Life relieves them of their pain through gentle and humane euthanasia. This decision is never made because of a lack of space, preventing negative behaviors, or because a cat's medical needs are difficult or expensive. Tenth Life feels strongly that all pets should be spayed and neutered. An unbelievable number of companion animals are euthanized each day because there are not enough homes for them. The only way to make a difference in this tragedy is education. To learn more about the importance of spaying and neutering, please read our reasons for promoting it. To learn more about some of the cats we prioritize, watch our video on Youtube. We're @tenthlifecats everywhere.

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Tenth Life Cat Companions: Bringing furry feline love to those who need it most In July of 2013, Tenth Life Cat Rescue kicked off a brand new outreach program called Tenth Life Cat Companions. This free service engages trained volunteers who take temperament-tested cats to clients in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and other community support organizations to provide therapeutic petting and play time with the cats. Response to the program has been incredible! As of January of 2016, more than 1900 clients have been served by around 45 dedicated volunteers and approximately 12-15 cats. This adds up to more than 650 "man hours" of visiting! Residents report feeling calmer, happier, and more content during and after our volunteers' visits. We are so grateful to be able to give back to the very community that has supported Tenth Life over the years!

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