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MISSION: Create a thriving community through the development of Jobs,Education,Food,Housing and Faith

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Greetings in the matchless name of Yahweh: In the book of Nehemiah, it declares that the people had a mind to build. I'm writing this because the Lord put this on my mind. We are in the process of raising funds for the purchase of our state of the art sanctuary. We need to raise $500,000. Many have given and we can't stop now! We believe we can reach this goal without applying for a loan, but it can't happen without you! I'm operating in uncanny faith. You know that this is fertile ground you are sowing in because many have been blessed and believe in Me and this ministry, In addition to the main Sanctuary we would like to open a School, Day and Evening care center, Full time food pantry, Senior citizen center, HIV/AIDS support center and a Family life center (where we will give computer classes, cooking classes, GED, Employment prep classes and family life skills, etc.), To desperately help those that are UNDER-SERVED those living below the poverty level and those working that need just a little help to make it month to month. I am desperately asking that you pray that the Most High will move on your heart to help us surmount this obstacle. We need 500 of you to give $1,000 or 5,000 to give $100 or any gift in between. When you help us you will be investing in a movement that is determined to empower the world through the word!No gift is too great or too small whatever the amount I'm sure all of the angels will rejoice! As you bring us closer to taking the people of The

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