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Sundayˊs Picnic

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Sundayˊs Picnic | Helpfreely.org

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The 3rd annual Sunday’s Picnic is returning to assist in providing support and essential living items to locals in need. Our attempts are to contribute to the repair of homelessness and destitution that is plaguing the south Florida region beyond tourist comforts. Each year we gather and collect clothing , hygienic supplies, food and additional living items to be distributed among shelters and similar charities through Miami-Dade and Broward Counties.

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Sunday's picnic encourage the surrounding communities to become involved in the social crisis of homelessness, a prevalent issue of American society and abroad. Sunday's Picnic is a family-oriented community event facilitated at a public park where locals come to essential items and monetary contributions to the cause while enjoying a picnic among other attendees. A private chef is available to prepare refreshments for the volunteers and attendees under the age of 3 free of cost. Food vendors are also present onsite for attendees to purchase food at their convenience. Collections include, but are not limited to, clothing,non-perishable food, toys, services etc. Each year the organizers of Sunday's Picnic distribute accumulated contributions to related charities and non-profit organizations. Your donations will help individuals and families who are experiencing this crisis everyday.

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