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SKIP Supporting Kids In Peru Inc.

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SKIP is a non-profit organization that aims to help economically disadvantaged children get the education they deserve. Working in the impoverished districts of El Porvenir and Alto Trujillo - on the north coast of Peru - SKIP promotes quality education to empower kids and their families to be the principal agents of sustainable change in their own lives. Since 2003, SKIP has been collaborating with families through holistic programs on education, economic advancement and emotional and social development. To achieve every goal set for those programs, SKIP relies on its Peruvian and international network of volunteers, who specialized in different areas to offer each family customized support. We work towards a Peru where every child is able to realize their full potential, through quality education, economically stable families and healthy home environments. In SKIP we strongly believe in working with the entire family, that is why we focus on the core of it with emphasis on how every person is shaped. In partnership with parents, carers and kids, we take a holistic approach, sharing the necessary tools for them to improve their way of living.

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Our work focuses on the educational, economic, emotional and social development of children and their families. Our holistic programs encourage an intellectual environment that helps families improve their way of living. The systems of poverty confronting families in El Porvenir inhibit children’s early academic growth and cognitive stimulation. This disadvantage is compounded by the education children receive in the under-resourced and over-crowded public schools of the area. Every year we issue standardized tests to evaluate the student's academic performance; and, while the results in previous years showed that students were performing several years below grade level, we are working to help them improve their performance. Through our Education Programs, we aim to foster individual and collective growth for SKIP students and their parents. This include classes in basics such as Math and Literacy as well as help with homework. English lessons and basic library services are offered every week. Additionally, the parents/carers can become teaching assistants at SKIP helping in our classes and their kids at home. With our set of Programs for Family Welfare, we focused on personal care and development. Starting with Social Work to help families improve their current situation, and offering a range of services to support the progress in the home environment with initiatives on health, psychology and economic development.

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