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Since 2013, Sea Mercy as been working with the international yachting and healthcare communities to bring some of the most incredible programs to the thousands of forgotten and neglected remote islands of the South Pacific. Working directly with our island nation partners and international volunteers, we have made participating in these important programs easy, rewarding, and impacting. Floating Health Care Clinics (FHCC) - Every year we partner with volunteer vessels owners willing to carry international medical, dental and eye care professionals to some of the most “at risk” remote islands that do not have access to such care. RISE Program - Any program that desire to develop healthy, self-sustaining and thriving remote island communities, must start with soils training. We help communities who have forgotten ‘their old ways’ and are now feeling the effects. Unproductive lands (nutrient depletion) and failing health (diabetes) due to poor diet that relies more on processed foods than food grown locally, and an increasing exodus of their youth. Disaster Response & Recovery Fleets - There are few sights more wonderful than seeing the first vessel arrive bringing much needed aid following a natural disaster. Every year we are expanding our disaster response and recovery aid capabilities to the often forgotten and neglected remote islands. Join us in making a difference in one of the most neglected and "at risk" communities in the world.

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Remote Island Soils Education (RISE) Restoring Hope and a Future in Paradise Climate Change, Natural Disasters, Government Dependence, Diabetes... There is a growing reality that without urgent help, the very lives and culture of the people living on the thousands of "at risk" remote islands spread across the South Pacific will slowly fade from existence. These remote and forgotten people are under constant attack from natural, government and even self-inflicted dangers. What were once proud, self-sustaining and thriving communities are now deeply dependent on government support. A support that is unnecessary and destroying their very culture, health and way of life. It is also creating a mass exodus of their youth and talent from them. Each year we send our experts to evaluate and assess the Agricultural, Water, Education & Economic Development needs on some of the most “at risk” remote islands in the South Pacific. We take the information gathered and together with the local island leadership, we develop a unique RISE program to address their short, medium and long-term goals. Programs to help them to not only survive, but to thrive and once again have healthy communities.

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