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Overgaard - AZ

Sanctuaries for the Sisterhood

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Sanctuaries for the Sisterhood | Helpfreely.org

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It is our mission to fundraise in order to purchase/or obtain trustees deeds for smaller properties that are in danger of being logged or developed not covered as being eligible by larger existing nonprofits and put them in a land trust for preservation. Each property will have its own strategy and financial agenda according to the community needs of where they are located. We are interested in nationwide coverage. It is our goal to work with local land trusts, environmental forestry and conservation groups, and property owners as well to determine the best way to preserve the land. It is also our goal to establish promotional value to donors, such as a vacation rentals, community gardens, parks, nature preserves, our focus will be primarily rural areas and smaller communities. As public lands are continually being clear cut, mined, resources removed, it is our desire to offset this by preserving more land privately for future generations to enjoy.

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There are two properties, one in Calif and one in Georgia that are currently in danger of being logged or developed. More are becoming available since we discovered these two. The one in California has old growth redwoods on it, approximately a hundred trees and is near a river. the one in Georgia has wetlands near two creeks and a historical home on it.

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