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Quinnipiacˊs Dance Marathon

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Quinnipiac's Dance Marathon is a night of nothing but joy, happiness, and tears. Seeing the sponsored children that come and dance the night away with us, it is what pushes me to do what I do with this cause. I have been apart of this organization for the past two years and I hold this organization near and dear to my heart. QTHON to me is more than a Dance Marathon but a hope that one day instead of dancing for the kids who fight, we will dance in celebration for a cure of all diverse diseases which take away from a child's ability to be a kid. This organization has given me the true honor of meeting some of the world's greatest heroes, serve under the two greatest Co-Chairs I could have asked for, allowed me to be Boomer the Bobcat, Dance for 10 hours straight, and truly be able to leave an impact on my life, and the ones around me as well. With a goal of $1000, I know that with the proper heart, love and support, I will be able to exceed my goal and do more than what I thought possible, all thanks to you who placed faith and hope in me. To make an online donation that benefits the Connecticut Children's Medical Center, please click the "Support Me" button on this page. Thank you for visiting my fundraising page! Much love, appreciation, and gratitude comes from me to you! For the Kids! John Khillah

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