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Underemployment is a significant cause of poverty: although the worker may be able to find part-time work, the part-time pay may not be sufficient for basic needs. (Wikipedia) We help underemployed people to build a bride to a better future for their families. We first LISTEN to their needs; then we help them PLAN to create a road map from where they are now to where they want to be; then we help them to ACT and put their plan into action.

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We are a start up non profit and our first project is to assess the needs of as many underemployed people as possible. We want them to write to us about their employment situation in 100 words or less and state their three their most urgent needs in order of priority. We will present these needs to donors, volunteers and other agencies in order to raise funds to provide financially in short term needs and enable underemployed people to find the path to a better future for their families. They could email to workwithpride2012@gmail.com or call toll free 1-888-407 4067 and leave a message with their name and contact number.

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