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Pasco Mental Health Foundation, Inc.

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The Pasco Mental Health Foundation is a charitable 501c3 nonprofit organization the community since 2011 working to improve mental wellness is 4 areas: #1...Providing access to mental health counseling, medications or testing. Our signature program, the mental health voucher program, provides $360 per year for residents to go to a local provider of their choice for evaluation and testing, counseling or therapy. The voucher may also be used to pay for medications or transportation to and from the appointments. 1 in 4 people will suffer from some form of mental illness in any given year – so there are always more people on the waiting list than the foundation has funds to support, but we work hard to meet the needs. #2...Community education and guest speakers. We are invited as guest speakers at civic, educational and community meetings. We also set up booths at local events to reduce the stigma of mental disorders and encourage people to reach out for help if needed. #3...Professional trainings-Through our CHANGING MINDS EDUCATION PROGRAM, we provide CEs for mental health professionals and bring the latest information to them. Recent topics have included DNA saliva swabs to match genetics to medications, systems of care, breakthrough therapy for veterans and telemedicine/e-therapy. #4...Community resources-We have distributed over 10,000 community resource guides listing organizations who serve youth and families in the area. Other publications are available online.

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Visit Chasco Fiesta each year to enjoy the PMHF CHALK ART FESTIVAL and showcase of local artists work. Catch a keychain during the street parade then visit our display to see if the number on your keychain matches one of the giveaway prizes. Mark your calendar each year for the June 11 gala celebrating PMHF's anniversary. Have a sit-down dinner with entertainment, dancing and wonderful items offered for auction and raffle.

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