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The Pinnacle Foundation is the charitable arm of Pinnacle Performance, the role of which is to develop underprivileged youths’ health and wellbeing by educating them on the importance of exercise and fitness in a safe and fun environment.

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Under the Pinnacle Foundation umbrella, adequate support will be provided to ensure there is continuing development of education dedicated to fitness. With guidance and expert human resources from Pinnacle Performance we continuously aim to successfully incorporate the basic principles of fitness, health and education in the form of sports related days, using children of all ages. We pride ourselves in working closely in partnership with local Non Governmental Organisations (NGO’s) and volunteers to provide the safest environment for these children. “A child educated only at school is an uneducated child Research We firmly believe that ‘exercise’ for children is hugely beneficial in so many ways. Below are some research articles that cement this belief. Please click on one of them if you would like to read more about why we do what we do: Health & Physical Activity in Hong Kong and,US and UK Kids & Exercise Ongoing research studies Completed research studies Our latest projects Pinnacle Performance have launched an initiative that has created a small team of male and female Pinnacle athletes (coaches, members and ext) who will attempt to 'Deadlift' 1,000,000kg in 24 hours on the 30 August 2016,in New York. all in aid of the Pinnacle Foundation. The ‘Deadlift a Million’ challenge will end an intensive 4 month training block for the competing athletes in the pursuit of such a momental task on the day. The risk of 'burn out' and fatigue on the day, and thus a chance of

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