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One World is a non-profit organization that provides fiscal sponsorship and raises funds and awareness for effective grassroots organizations serving children with education, healthcare, and shelter. 100% of donations to our partners go directly to them. We envision a world where we act together as a global community to ensure children have access to education, healthcare, and a safe home. One World uses a Champion model which is an innovative way of uniting global citizens in the United States with effective local grassroots and community-based organizations around the world. The One World Champion network is composed of 80+ champions who are raising funds and awareness for 50+ organization that are located in 25+ countries.

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One World's partners provide community-based education, health, and shelter services to children affected by poverty. Our partners approach poverty in a holistic way. Most of the services provided, expand beyond the children to serve parents, families, and the communities as a whole. The following are the key areas of services: EDUCATION: Early Childhood, Primary, and Secondary Schools; Scholarship Programs; Leadership Development and Mentorship; Vocational Training and Employment; Youth Entrepreneurship and Incubation; Economic Empowerment, Girls and Women Eduction and Leadership, Afterschool for Immigrants; Arts, Theather, and Music; School Construction in rural remote areas; HEALTH: Sexual and Reproductive Health, Family Planning, HIV/AIDS Prevention, Domestic Violence and protection of rights; Mobil Clinic; Nutritional program, Vaccination, Disability Services and Empowerment programs, Sports and Wellness, SHELTER: Child Labor and Trafficking; Refugee Camp and Advocacy; Orphanages; Foster Family programs; and many more

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