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We support indigenous people in the survival of their ancestral knowledge and practices, cultivating thriving, self-reliant and enduring communities in kinship with nature. Indigenous people have lived in harmony with their environments for millennia and are models for living sustainably on Earth in perpetuity. The loss of these cultures is a loss for all life on the planet. At the present time, even the most remote villages are being overtaken by global commerce, and lifestyles are changing rapidly. We believe there are unlimited possibilities for humanity as we wisely select the best from all cultures. We aim to expand the spectrum of choice for people so they may develop their regions as they see fit within their own philosophies, choosing to grow consciously with a clear vision for the future they wish to create.

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In February 2018 we are excited to start the first-ever intensive language revitalization course in Emberá for the Emberá. This course is specifically requested by our Advisory Council, and addresses a need that is well known throughout their communitites. A trilingual indigenous elder has volunteered to relocate to a remote region, far away from her grandchildren, in order to revive her language in villages where it has been lost. Together, we will lay the groundwork for ever-increasing Emberá language recovery in the region. The regional chief of the area has said clearly, "This is a dream come true." Your generosity will make the dream possible by paying for the teacher’s salary, a part-time coordinator, transport costs, and basic materials.

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