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Our mission is to establish the city’s first self-sustaining urban agriculture farms throughout the community and a green learning center for low income residents with the goal to improve the quality of life for the community as a whole, and promote home gardens, eating healthy, intergenerational relationships and community harmony".

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Next Generation Community Organizers (NGCO) is a grass root organization based in Highland Park, Michigan. The city once inhabited nearly twelve-thousand residents in 2011, since, has been reduced to just over nine-thousand people. Empty lots are spouting throughout the city from the aggressive demolition of blight houses. We believe these empty lots can serve a greater purpose other than being eye-sores or a symbol of degeneration. There are no green learning centers in the city of Highland Park. With your partnership, we will establish the city's first green learning center. It is imperative that a community should have green sustainability. The Intergenerational Urban Agriculture Grow & Eat Project has open space to establish a community garden, and an educational center to teach the community how to grow healthy foods. The establishment of home gardens throughout the community will be another measure of the project’s success. It is our goal and objective. The community is currently depending on surrounding cities for virtually everything. Now the community has an opportunity to practice self-sufficiency. The project will catapult the residents of Highland Park to take up home gardening and form nutritious eating habits.

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