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Magical Creatures of Hamakua - Animal Rescue and Sanctuary

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Magical Creatures of Hamakua rescues, rehabilitates, and offers life-long sanctuary to animals on the Big Island while serving the Hawaiian community with programs that promote kindness, compassion, and stewardship. MCOH provides lifelong care for the farmed animals that we take in. We do everything that we can to make sure that injured, neglected, or lost farmed animals can find peace with us. This includes housing, feeding, providing medical care, and giving them all the love they can handle. Change starts within the community, and we are grateful for the opportunities that we have to share the stories of the animals at MCOH. We want to end the cycle of farmed animal abuse by educating our communities and advocating for the animals every chance that we get. Since its inception, MCOH has worked with other local organizations and community groups to provide expertise, help sick and injured animals find care, and sometimes take in animals when the need arises. We are happy to be able to be a part of a network that truly cares for animals and to play our part in helping as many animals as possible.

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