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Māhealani & Back

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Māhealani & Back is an Etsy shop selling handmade items created by Keila Mitchell. 10% of proceeds goes towards a different charity every month. Māhealani & Back has a mission to spread love to different communities in need around the world. Keila Mitchell hopes to use her handmade crafts to fundraise money for charities of different causes and in different locations. By fundraising for these different charities, she also hopes to raise awareness for those causes and get the community more involved in helping others. Māhealani & Back got its name inspired by one of Keila's favorite children's books--Guess How Much I Love You by Sam McBratney. There is a famous quote from it: "I love you to the moon and back." The whole book is about giving LOVE, so that is what the goal of this online business is as well. Māhealani is the Hawaiian name for the full moon. According to the Hawaiian lunar calendar, there are three days on which the moon appears full. Māhealani is the third day before it loses its fullness. Māhealani is also one of the middle names of Keila's first daughter, Ellie Aika Māhealani Gaballo. Keila is dedicating her work and efforts to make a difference for her.

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