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Chicago - IL

Love Unlimited Christian

Love Unlimited Christian Ministries Center

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We are a Christian Ministry located in the heart of what has been called one of this nations worst communities. ENGLEWOOD! Poverty is at record levels, homelessness is increasing daily, drugs and gangs are running rampant, yet we aim to be the Oasis of hope for those seeking help. We are the light shining bright in a dark land. Our aim is to be readily available to whoever when ever and with whatever help that may be needed. Yes we are Christian but all that means is that we intend to love everybody with the Love of Christ, giving of ourselves the best we can.

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We are in serious need of a new or expanded facility. A place where we can house in one place everything we need to be of assistance to the community and those in need. Our present plan is to expand our existing facility at a cost of $350,000. Purchase surrounding vacant lots (5) at a price of $10,000 each (city owned) and build affordable housing. (cost $400,000) Also in the Plans is an expansion of the existing entrepreneurial training center where we train individuals in a trade so they can be self sufficient. (cost $200,000). The need is great and the cost may be greater, but the return on the investment into someones life is immeasurable.

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