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Live Love Laugh Global is an international charitable organization registered in Beverly Hills, California, USA, with the main office located in the same locality and branches in more than 20 countries around the world. The charitable organization is a non-governmental, non-profit, non-religious organization and does not depend on political forces. Our assistance is not selective and is constant. Our goal is to assist people in need, especially those in critical condition and desperate for help. The primary goal of Live Love Laugh Global is to raise the living standards in developing countries by helping those who are unable to help themselves. From the date it began, the charitable organization of Live Love Laugh Global has actively implemented charitable programs around the world, which are aimed to help people in need. The beneficiaries of the programs are the socially vulnerable segments of society, such as the elderly, physically challenged, underage, low-income, needy individuals and multi-children families. The programs have no territorial, national or religious restrictions.

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101 AID The 101 AID program relies on the Social Humanitarian Centers (SHC), which are humanitarian aid stations (warehouses). They are structured in a humanitarian aid distribution chain, within locations of socially vulnerable segments of society chosen by the partners of the program. 101 FOOD The 101 FOOD program is trying to improve the quality of life for disadvantaged sections of society (physical, emotional and economic well-beings). It is done by providing social, psychological, and humanitarian assistance. 101 HELP The 101 HELP is a crowdfunding program for conducting campaigns to raise money for charity. Any non-profit organization, located anywhere in the world and aiming to provide humanitarian assistance to people in need, can take part in the program.

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