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Letˊs make schools great again

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Letˊs make schools great again | Helpfreely.org

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Teaching is a thankless job and we have many people doing it. They are stabbed,shot at, accused of doing unthinkable things. When 90% of them are there to make the students day brighter. They want to reach out and help the kids that want to learn. I am making a foundation for teachers that need the support. It's our turn to say thank you and let us help you.

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I have a husband who was accused of sexual assault. He passed the polygraph. Now that the criminal case is closed. This is what opened my eyes on what is happening. I live in a state with really poor education. I think part of the reason is how teachers are treated. I want the public to know that a teacher can not just send a child to the principals office for misbehaving. Now if the classroom is being disrupted how should the other children learn. I think something should be done. This is why I am interested in starting this cause.

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