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Johnson Resource & Training Center (JRTC) is dedicated to excellence and quality service. The most important aspects of the training center’s mission are to offer high quality programs to adult and school-aged students; to foster students to attain the success of their chosen educational goals and careers. To these ends, the training center as such gives primary importance to excellence in teaching. With our firm belief that “Knowledge is Power; Education is the Key.”

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Hope in Literacy A couple of years ago I read a disturbing news report. The news report stated that most children raised in poverty will more than likely die in poverty due to illiteracy in the City of Charlotte. I am a firm believer that we can pull ourselves from the ashes and rise like the phoenix! There is no way that I could see this report and not be determined to be a part of the solution. One key issue in the Charlotte area is literacy. So we have brought our Hope in Literacy program to City of Charlotte. Our tutoring services have been high demand since we began. We have built on this model. This is a free program for adults and children. We are promoting reading which is not only educational but fun. Reading opens up a whole new world for the reader. You can visit places and expand your imagination. It is also a vehicle that can lead a person to greater heights in their personal and professional lives. It is our great joy to share with others and to teach them the skills to be successful. Won't you partner with us in changing the lives of others? Our Service Offerings Literacy Program GED Preparation College Readiness Tutoring Resume Building Job Readiness Skill Small Business Start-ups/Development Bankruptcy Preparer Courses For more information about JRTC please visit JRTC

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