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Iˊm With Pickles Foundation

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"OUR MISSION" TO ENSURE THE HEALTH OF ALL PETS, THOSE IN LOVING HOMES OR THOSE WAITING FOR A NEW ONE, AND PROMOTE THEIR WELL-BEING THROUGH PREVENTATIVE AND EMERGENCY VETERINARY CARE. Pets have the incredible ability to affect our lives in the most positive of ways. Whether you have been surrounded by pets all your life, or you've just welcomed your first, the highs and lows of keeping an animal healthy can present challenges in many forms. The I'm With Pickles Foundation wants to keep pets up-to-date on their shots, on schedule for yearly checkups, and prevent common ailments to prolong their lives. "HOW WE DO IT" THROUGH FUNDRAISING, COMMUNITY OUTREACH, AND THE POWER OF SOCIAL MEDIA, THE IWPF SUPPORTS LOCAL AND STATEWIDE SHELTERS, RESCUES, AND VETERINARY PRACTICES, HELPING THEM TO PROVIDE FREE OR DISCOUNTED CARE, SUPPLIES AND FOOD TO PETS IN NEED, REGARDLESS OF THEIR SPECIES. Helping pets at every stage, from adoption to end of life care, involves more than just money. The I'm With Pickles Foundation partners with Portland and Oregon veterinary practices, shelters, and rescues to make sure your donations are spent ensuring the health and safety of pets in need. By purchasing blankets, food, and toys, we can help families welcome their new members and provide those waiting for their fur-ever homes a chance to be treated with respect and love.

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Spring is here! But the mess of winter still lingers; time for a bit of cleaning! Help us raise funds to purchase grooming and bathing equipment for Portland, OR-area shelters and rescues. Let's get those pets waiting for their furever homes a warm bath, a haircut, and a nail trim! Together we can clean up these amazing pets and have them sparkling for their new families!

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