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iHi International, Inc.

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Mission: IHI identifies needs and develops solutions to improve the lives of vulnerable people worldwide, through meaningful connections, capacity building and aide. Vision: To see people with disabilities empowered and experience life to the fullest throughout the world in all countries and cultures. Philosophy: “Meet people where they are” around the globe, and provide meaningful solutions to improve their lives, and more importantly, develop short and long term connections to maintain ongoing support and equipping to capacity build. The major goal is empowerment, to create sustainable situations and personal ownership

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What we do: We improve lives around the world! We evaluate the needs of vulnerable people internationally and collaborate with local nonprofit and nongovernmental organizations in project countries. We then work to provide for needs, increase opportunities, and elevate the positive image of people by providing direct support, partnerships and collaborations, capacity building of programs, through new and unique ways that are responsive to needs.

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