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The International Elephant Foundation (IEF) is the catalyst for creating a sustainable future where elephants thrive.  Founded in 1998, IEF has been at the forefront of elephant conservation since its inception. We have supported over 120 projects worldwide with over $4 million in direct financial assistance. Our projects focus on the severely endangered Asian elephant and the threatened African elephant.  We work anywhere there are elephants.  In the elephant range countries of Africa and Asia we support programs that protect elephants, habitat, and the villagers that live with elephants in their “backyards” by reducing human-elephant conflict. Scientific Investigations in North America and Europe expand our knowledge of elephants, their health, and their behavior to the benefit wild elephants. We believe that the stronger the bonds people have with elephants, the more invested they will become in their survival.  We must create a vibrant future for elephants, and IEF is dedicated to making that future a reality.

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The International Elephant Foundation's longest running elephant conservation project supports the Sumatran Elephant Conservation Response Units (CRUs), protecting the evolutionarily significant and critically endangered Sumatran elephant as well as creating strong conservation partners in a region where elephants are often considered problems. This project has made a demonstrable difference in the lives of elephants in the region, increasing survival rates, providing veterinary care, and changing local and cultural attitudes away from adversarial relationships to one of conservation. In fact, this project has been so successful that it is being used as a model in other regions. Whether it be through teaching locals the importance of preserving their natural heritage or by herding wild elephants away from human settlements and farms, the CRUs are on the front lines of conservation and making a difference in the survival of an important elephant population.

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