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Liberty Hill - TX

Hope House of Austin


< Gesundheit und Wohlbefinden

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Hope House of Austin | Helpfreely.org

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Hope House of Austin is a (501c3) non-profit organization that has been providing a long term, forever home, to severely disabled youth and adults for over 50 years. Quietly nestled in the suburban area in Liberty Hill, Texas, near Austin, Hope House gives its residents a place to stay as long as they need to. Rather than an institutional setting, the homes are structured like any family house. Staff care for the residents daily needs 24/7. Most of the disabled here cannot speak and require such needs are toiletry , bathing and essential care. There is a wait list and we need more such places for our disabled. One visit to Hope House will touch your heart.

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Laufende Projekte

To help curb the wait list and need for homes like this, Hope House has embarked on two building projects. One duplex has been completed in 2015 and a second will be open in early 2017. We are working on furnishing the homes. Since they are duplexes with 4 youth and 4 adults on each side, we will need two of everything. This includes washing machines, dryers, microwaves, ovens, stoves, refrigerators, beds, couches and other home furnishings. We Welcome any support or donation in any manner to help us complete the furnishings of these homes. With constant use, they are always in need.

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